China Variations for Violin & Piano

China Variations: Viral Replications for Violin & Piano

China Variations: Viral Replications for Violin & Piano is a much expanded and renovated revisiting of the piece originally conceived for solo piano. The solo violin part is featured in a concertante style that is suitable for concert or recital programs. Composed during the quarantined lock-down of March 2020. With nothing to do, stranded in isolation, this music is the natural, even inevitable result of the viral pandemic that has seized the entire world in its grip. The variations sequence is conceived as a logical metaphorical representation of elements that are integral to the entire experience from its origins in China through the social upheaval and dislocation it has caused. The thematic subject is based on a pentatonic Chinese-sounding melody that has the atmosphere of a folk melody. This theme undergoes a sequential progression of transformations that replicate the melody at successive pitch levels that are reharmonized accordingly. This opening section is juxtaposed in sharp contrast against a harmonic kaleidoscope that is an onomotopaeic representation of the social, economic and political turmoil of events that have recently transpired.

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