Piano solo – Ballade: Song Without Words

Piano solo - Ballade: Song Without Words 

Late in 2019 and continuing through the Winter of 2020 James Domine experienced an extraordinary outpouring of piano compositions. One of these, Ballade: Song Without Words is a study in extreme contrasts. The opening passage expresses a graceful sense of calm tranquility with just a tinge of wistfulness as the melody marked Andante espressivo, un poco mesto unfolds like the wings of a swan floating serenely on water. Suddenly the peaceful scene is interrupted by the harsh sound of discord, and a fiery temper erupts, flares of dissonance clash in an unsettling, almost frightening diatribe marked con fuoco e affrettando. A sequence of quartal harmonies is unleashed set against a deep mysterious quagmire of subterranean disquietude. that mocks the serenity of the opening theme. Soon the thunderclouds disperse and give way to the sunny return of the Andante, restoring peace and harmony and bringing the Ballade to its peaceful conclusion. 

Piano solo – Ballade: Song Without WordsJames Domine
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