Piano solo – China Variations: Viral Replications

Piano solo - China Variations: Viral Replications 

China Replications: Viral Variations, is a piece composed originally for the Symphomaniax by James Domine. The music is conceived as a metaphorical representation of the entire experience of the pandemic from its origins in a Chinese laboratory through the social upheaval and dislocation it has caused. The main theme is based on a pentatonic Chinese-sounding melody that creates the atmosphere of a folk song. This melodic motive undergoes a sequence of progressive transformations that replicate the melody at successive pitch levels and are re-harmonized accordingly. In this way, the music manifests an onomotopaeic representation of the cyclical physical mutations a corona virus undergoes. This opening section is juxtaposed in sharp contrast against a harmonic kaleidoscope representing the harsh social, economic and political turmoil of events that have recently transpired. China Replications is an anthem of resistance that serves as a musical testament chronicling the severity and solitude of the Silent Spring and Summer of 2020. 

Piano solo – China Variations: Viral ReplicationsJames Domine
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