Piano solo – Fantasie-Impromtu

Piano solo - Fantasie-Rondo

The Fantasie-Rondo is an exquisitely crafted solo arrangement of the third movement Finale from Domine’s Piano Concerto #3 in A minor. It is dedicated to pianist Yin Mei, the Chinese translation of Julia Wallace, the pianist who requested that the Finale of the Concerto be arranged for solo piano for the purpose of playing in recitals and competitions. This music is possessed of a light almost carefree touch and should properly be heard along the beach under swaying palm trees and gentle breezes where elegant women who look like the Girl from Ipanema are sipping umbrella drinks out of coconut shells accompanied by men clad in Hawaiian shirts and white pants with carefully appointed couture, not a hair out of place (despite breezes that gently toss the palm fronds to and fro) while a band serenades the entourage with the music of the samba, a flute or two wafting serenely over our heads, washing the strand with the metal-drummed overtones of a reggae reverie. The main theme of the Fantasie-Rondo is based loosely on the song You’ll Never Know that is featured on Domine’s Through Your Window CD collection of songs released in 2008.

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