Piano solo – Novelette

Piano solo - Novelette

Late in 2019 and continuing through the Winter of 2020 James Domine experienced an extraordinary outpouring of piano compositions. One of these is the Novelette: Chorale & Variations is based on a song entitled Green and Blue written during one of many frequent episodes of conflict that transpired as part of a personal relationship. The title Novelette suggests a short story or narrative program, but none exists in the music although it does in the verses of the poem to which the original song was set. The opening version of the theme is stated in 4- part chorale form, marked Andante espressivo, followed by an arpeggiated treatment of the chorale tune in octave displacement played Leggermente. Next is a Cantabile passage with the melody floating atop an harmonic bed of roses that melts into a fantasia marked Tranquillo with the inner rhythmic motion shifting to 12/8 time. The atmosphere of culmination is sustained through the final statement of the theme until a cadenza-like episode breaks the spell with a quasiimprovisational passage of cascading arpeggios. This winds its’ way finally to the coda resting firmly in the tonic key as the Green and Blue tune dissolves away like the last beams of light flickering of sunset.

Piano solo – NoveletteJames Domine
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