Piano solo – Romance: Für Elyse

Piano solo - Romance: Für Elyse 

Late in 2019 and continuing through the Winter of 2020 James Domine experienced an extraordinary outpouring of piano compositions. One of these is the Romance: Für Elyse. Written for pianist Nara Petrosyan, this piece tells a narrative story that opens with a lovely Andante cantabile melody of charming simplicity that after a polite cadence in the dominant key is repeated before launching into a dramatic episodic marked Brillante that dramatically departs the tonic key of D major for the flat sub-mediant harmonic regions of B-flat major. A developmental sequence leads us to a tempestuous third section that seems to describe a stormy if not angry chapter in the Romance. A passage based on a sustained dominant pedal extension leads to a transition patterned after the famous Für Elise motive by Beethoven. Tranquility is restored as the Andante theme returns to bring the Romance to a pleasant conclusion. 

Piano solo – Romance: Für ElyseJames Domine
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