Piano solo – Rondo Scherzando

Piano solo - Rondo Scherzando
The Rondo Scherzando opens with a fanfare that leads directly to principal theme. This somewhat unruly passage with cinematographic overtones leads to a post- modern fantasy that feels like latter-day jazz meditation. The reverie unfolds, leading us to a quasi-humorous semi-bizarre circus-like rendering of the scherzando theme, presented as an episode in a pantheon of unlikely, unexpected and unanticipated circumstances, that dwindles away quietly into a deceptively calm serenity. Subsequent passages turn the main theme over in a variety of different permutations until finally it returns in full regalia to the opening fanfare, this time presented as a final coda that concludes the piece. Originally written with orchestral accompaniment as the third movement of the Piano Concerto #1 in Bb minor, this arrangement for solo piano was made at the request of Joanna Ezrin, pianist and pedagogue, and has been recognized at the MTAC annual convention.

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