Piano solo – Silent Movie Rag: Tarzana

Piano solo - Silent Movie Rag: 

Tarzana Tune The Silent Movie Rag subtitled Tarzana Tune appropriately embodies the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic stylistic elements that characterize early jazz. Underlying the music is a silent movie plot that involves a girl in the red hat, a Russian spy, and several other characters. The piece was composed in partial fulfilment of a special request by a student of piano teacher Joanna Ezrin’s (named Caitlyn) for a ragtime piece to play. The subtitle Tarzana Tune comes from the opening motive of the first theme, in which Tarzan’s once-famous yodel (if we call it that) that he used to summon his chimpanzee sidekick and girlfriend Jane is onomotopaeically reproduced. The town of Tarzana, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, was once the home of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, hence the name and in this town was located a drinking lounge where once-upon-a-time the composer and his jazz ensemble regularly regaled local audiences with the original version of this tune. 

Piano solo – Silent Movie Rag: TarzanaJames Domine
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