Abelard & Heloise

Updated: Jan 26

First conceived as a prototype rock opera after having seen the play of the same name, “Abelard and Heloise” is a ghost story full of picturesque medieval romance. This tragic tale of love gone wrong is haunted by memories that won’t die and an unfulfilled desire that searches for something elusive that can never be found. The original long poem from which the lyrics are drawn is modeled after and takes inspiration from the dramatic monologues of Robert Browning. The narrative is interpreted musically as an unfolding sequence of madrigal-like episodes interwoven with a backdrop of liturgical music from the Catholic Latin mass.

The music for this audio-visual is contained in the CD album “Through Your Window” by James Domine. The original version of the song was played by the Molay Band.

The full-length original poem from which this musical version is derived is contained in James Domine’s “Collected Poems: An Anthology” published by LuLu.com.

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