On the Walls of the Wonderful White Wash - Waltz

Please join me for the inaugural premiere performance of this new work for piano solo entitled "On the Walls of the Wonderful White Wash - Waltz." As the title indicates, the piece is an alliterative allusion to Johann Strauss Jr's famous waltz "On the Banks of the beautiful Blue Danube." As a native of southern California, I am quite aware that our local river languishes in relative obscurity and insignificance when compared to the waterways of song and story that flow through other realms. My new waltz is intended more as a tribute or homage than a satire or parody, although you may perceive subtle overtones of these comedic elements as the music proceeds. There is an appealing cognitive dissonance that stirs within the concept of "el rio de la Nuestra Senora de los angeles de Porciuncula" emerging as the subject of a musical adventure. "The Moldau" it will never be, but it is everything we have to work with, from the confluence of streams where Calabasas Arroyo meets Bell Canyon Creek under the bridge at Owensmouth street behind Canoga Park High School, meandering many miles through a labyrinthine complex of hidden culverts, tunnels, storm drains and basins from the valley to the sea. This is the first of a series of musical premieres that I promised you, scheduled to take place on YouTube February 14, 2021 at high noon. If you attend the premiere you are privileged to make comments and have the first word regarding this new piece.


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