Piano Sonata in D major – Reverie - Inaugural Premiere

Updated: Feb 20

Dear Friends,

Please join me this coming Sunday February 21, 2021 for the second in the continuing series of YouTube musical premieres that I promised you. Here is the link, feel free to share it with anyone that you think might enjoy listening.


Piano Sonata in D major – Reverie is one of many pieces for solo piano that James Domine composed during the lost pandemic year of 2020-1. Written first as a letter to a pianist friend under the title Reverie in the Spring of 2020, Domine expanded the piece to the sonata form in February of 2021 because as he said, “there was more to say on the subject.” The sonata is given the descriptive subtitle “Reverie” because it is a dream set metaphorically to music. An enigmatic, somewhat inquisitive opening theme sets in motion a sequence of contemplative passages that range the expressive gamut from melancholy sadness to playful happiness, emerging finally to an exuberant, almost transcendent hopefulness. From start to finish the sonata is imbued with a sense of searching, as though in pursuit of the musical resolution to an unanswered question. The Reverie Sonata made its public debut on February 21, 2021 as the second in a series of Sunday afternoon premiere performances of Domine’s solo piano pieces on his YouTube channel for an audience of invited listeners.

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