Suite #1 in E minor for Guitar solo - Op.1, #1


The four Guitar Suites by James Domine comprise a kind of musical diary of the composer’s earliest efforts in the compositional arena. All four suites were composed with a three-year span beginning in 1968 when the composer was 15 years old and had begun to study classical guitar. They were first performed in recital by the composer himself.


The Suite #1 in E minor consists of four movements: Prelude, which is a spirited Allegro in a style reminiscent of Bach, Intermezzo, a contrastingly introspective mood with a Spanish accent, Mazurka, a Polish dance in menuetto da capo form, and an Italian Tarantella that brings the suite to a lively conclusion.

The composer has arranged this suite for guitar solo and string orchestra under the title Concerto in E minor. This version can be performed either with string orchestra or string quartet and is effective as an entrée in chamber music programs. The four suites for solo guitar were recorded by the composer in a series of sessions in the Spring and Summer of 2009.

Suite #1 in E minor for guitar solo